We pick up your parcel
and deliver it anywhere!

Reasons why Plukkup is the best

Parcel will be picked up

Pick up and delivery for one price

Choose pick up day

You choose your pick-up date

No printing labels

No printing of labels necessary: we arrange it for you

Environmentally friendly

Reduces environmental impact

Cheaper than others

Cheaper than a courier, more flexible than mail

Pick up abroad

We pick up your stuff abroad

How we work

Make parcel transportation ready


Put your stuff in a box, or a strong envelope - or ask the concierge of the hotel to do that for you. Determine the size and weight of your shipment. We have three standard sizes for your shipments: small, medium and large.

Submit order - Parcel shipment

Fill out the form

Instantly arrange where and when your package is shipped and delivered. Select the countries and correct size first. Then fill out the details for the pick-up and delivery addresses and select a pick-up date. Easy as that!

Parcel ready for shipment and delivery

Shipment and delivery

You receive a booking confirmation upon completion of the online form. You will also receive updates about the status of your order along the way.

We are Plukkup

We bring back your stuff from hotels, resorts, camping sites or even family members! Simply fill out the addresses and your belongings will be returned to you in no time.

Anything else to ship? No problem.  We equally arrange pick-ups and deliveries for you from and to other places!

How we do it? Simple: we use the same vans that are already in your neighborhood delivering packages, to pick up your stuff from your home or the hotel where you stayed. As a result, we have minimum extra mileage and minimum impact on our environment!

Reviews (Plukkies)

“I forgot my jacket in the hotel and they advised your service. I used it and 2 days later, the coats were delivered home again. Super service!”

– Ria Lamers

“Fine and reliable service. Package was picked up nicely and delivered the next day.”

– Ab Kragtwijk

“We have a very good experience with Plukkup. Forgot our suitcase in a hotel in Limburg and it was too far for us to drive back. It was collected by Plukkup and neatly delivered to our door. We find the idea of reducing empty delivery vans, super. Keep it up. Glad that young people are doing so well.”

– Hans Porck

“Without any problem, our backpack, forgotten in Austria, was picked up by Plukkup at the hotel and delivered at home within 3 working days in the Netherlands! ! Great, excellent! My thanks, Machteld”

– Machteld Modderman

70 reviews, an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars

94% recommends Plukkup!

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Currently, our services cover the area of the European Union. If you wish your package to be picked up from or shipped to a country not listed by us, do not hesitate to contact us – we always find a way!

Orders placed before 5 pm can be picked up the next day.
We pick up everything that fits in a box. Please make sure your stuff is properly packed!