About Plukkup

If you forgot something in a hotel, if you sold something online, if you want to send some stuff to a friend or if you want to ship a super heavy product… Then you do not have to go to a parcel pick-up point anymore or get in the car yourself. You simply place an order through Plukkup and the van that is already in your neighbourhood dropping off other stuff, will simply pick it up for you. The parcel will be delivered to the right place already one business day later. Plukkup does it!

Everyone receives parcels and everyone notices the vans from different carriers driving around the neighbourhood. Sometimes they are neatly parked, but sometimes they are not. On average, one van delivers about 100 parcels a day and these vans then return to the depot empty handed. It is the empty returns that we want to use. If these vans are in your neighbourhood anyway, why not have them pick-up things as well? If you arrange your parcel pick-ups through Plukkup, you will use these vans.

And Plukkup not only makes this more efficient, but Plukkup also simplifies things! Because in this day and age, you should be able to have your stuff picked up at home. Plukkup does it!

Use your computer, tablet or phone and simply order a pick-up when and where you like it! Plukkup!


The most important reason for using Plukkup is comfort! That means that we will do anything we can to make your pick-up and delivery run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Orders placed before 5 pm can be picked up the next day.


We are a small yet experienced team. We value a personal and efficient approach.

Our ambition is to provide a full-service platform where you can arrange all your (inter)national pick-ups yourself, simply on your computer, tablet or phone.

Is anything unclear or do you have any tips? Contact us!