Which format should I chose?

If it fits in a box, we will pick it up!

Start with what you want to ship.  Simply look at the weight and size of your parcel, as we carry 3 sizes:

Pakket S | 0-5KG

Small: max weight 5 kilogrammes, max size 50x40x40cm

Pakket M | 5-10KG

Medium: max weight 15 kilogrammes, max size 60x50x50cm

Pakket L | 10-15KG

Large: max weight 25 kilogrammes, max size 80x60x50cm

Do you have a parcel of a different size/format? Simply contact us and we will offer custom made prices. Make sure you safely wrap the item you want to ship and have it readily available at the pick-up address.

What you can and cannot ship; some examples (when in doubt, always contact us):


YES, you can ship: almost everything!


NO, you cannot ship: cash money, tv screens, animals, drugs and other controlled substances, and anything else you know you should not ship.